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Learner Feedback

(Posted on 08/09/15)

In July/August 2015 I attended a four week Kickstart course at the Grangefield Community Centre in Stockton-On-Tees.

I must admit to having some reservations as to whether I was doing the right thing as the course seemed very biased activities rather than traditional classroom learning. However, those reservations were very short lived.

Led by Andrew Bacon, the on-site staff were brilliant and soon a very diverse group of individuals were working as a team in a relaxed and informal environment. I'd done team building before in my professional career but this always involved people with broadly similar skills. I was truly out of my comfort zone but within a couple of hours it no longer became an issue.

As a building block for the future, the course worked very well in that it brought out elements of my character that seemed dormant and some that I'd never even considered. As a confidence-booster, it's extremely well designed. If you'd told me beforehand that I could successfully organise a sporting activity that people actually enjoyed, I would not have believed you! Whatever your status in the job market, this is a life-skills course that will benefit anybody.

What Kickstart are doing seems so innovative to me and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Martin Hogg



I am enjoying the course much more than I was expecting to. I have found out that I have much more confidence than I thought possible having planned and delivered a full session on my own. The tutors  know how to get the best out of me helping me to deliver a professional. I have learnt so much in the first 2 weeks of the course and am really looking forward to the rest.


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