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Latest Success Stories

Latest Success Stories

(Posted on 26/10/15)

I arrived on the Kickstart2employment (K2e) Activity Leadership NVQ not really wanting to be there thinking it was just another course the Jobcentre send you on to get you off their books for a few weeks but that quicly changed when I realised the course was unlike any other course I'd been on. Yes, there was the usual work that other courses had but the NVQ in Activity Leadership meant I was constantly doing sporting activities breaking the written work up. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone that wants to improve confidence and gain qualifications that look impressive on a CV such Tomas the NVQ in Activity Leadership and the Emergency First Aid in the Workplace both at Level 2

Tom Nathan White

Learner/Mentor K2e


I was first referred to the Kickstart2employment (K2e) course back in August by my advisor from People Plus, I was sceptical at first as most courses are not beneficial and lead to you wasting time when you could still be applying for work. Anyway I went along to the introduction day and met Kevin who is part of the K2e team, which is when I decided to go on the course and after a couple of days I was beginning  to enjoy it more and more. The learners that had come on the course were sceptical like me bit they were very friendly and easy to get along with which is always a great help as were the K2e staff as they offer help and support if needed but also understand the learners from their point of view having being in the same situation themselves.

The course helped to build my confidence and communication through working in groups and leading activities, it has certainly benefited me in that I'm nher it be w a more confident speaker in front of groups whether it be by myself ot with team members by my side. Working within teams to help plan, deliver and evaluate tasks has improved my team building and communication skills in that before the course I would usually just sit there and not really put any ideas forward only voicing my opinion to complete the task and go home as well as making me a more approachable person. I stuck at the course and received valuable certificates and qualifications which could certainly come in handy in the future.

I opened up as a person and I was offered a work trial with Kickstart2employment which I grabbed with both hands, I'm now currently working full-time for K2e and I now have the opportunity to help people that maybe can relate to the way I used to feel/be before I attended the course.

I would certainly recommend anyone who hasn't previously attended the K2e course to give it a try, you have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain from doing so, just like I did.

Peter Eggleston

Learner/Mentor K2e

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