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k2e Learner Secures Sustainable Employment

k2e Learner Secures Sustainable Employment

(Posted on 14/12/16)

kickstart2employment congratulates Richard Spencer, a highly motivated and positive learner, who maximised the opportunities provided by our recent training programme. Richard, it was a pleasure to work with you and we are delighted you have secured long-term employment following your participation on our course.

Here is Richard's story in his own words:

"I completed a 2-week course in Liverpool on November and I would recommend it to anybody looking for help in seeking employment! During the course I received so much support and guidance in many aspects such as creating a CV, interview techniques, job applications and customer service. This enhanced my job prospects, increased my confidence and prepared me for entering employment. 

After completing the course I visited the head office in Liverpool of a company called Securitas, with an application form and cover letter I had completed on the course. This is something I would not of imagined doing in the past but I feel I now have the confidence to do so. When I arrived at there offices I was greeted by the company manager who offered me an interview as he appreciated my effort and motivation. 

The interview went great and I am now awaiting a start date for my new role as a security officer at Liverpool Docks. I have also received confirmation I will be moving into my new flat over the next couple of weeks. 

A massive thank you to all for the support I have gained! Since this course I feel like my outlook on life and employment has positively changed and I look forward to starting the New Year!"

Richard Spencer 
Age 50+
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