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Firthmoor Support for K2e

(Posted on 28/10/15)

I would like to take this opportunity to comment on he remarkable service being delivered from Firthmoor Community Centre.

Kevin and John are outstanding facilitators of the Kickstart2employment group. With their diverse humour and exceptional people skills they engage the groups on their leaning journey. I witness people at the strt of their group being reluctant learners, anxious and nervous. However as the group progresses they enter our building with a completely different demeanour. They are talkative, present as more confident and appear much moe ready and willing to learn.

The target groups who access this course historically have had negative experiences in education, low achieveres and experiencing bullying to name two. Accessing this course away from a formal education establishment undoubtedly encourages engagement and supports a positive learning environment for the students.

I thank you for choosing Firthmoor Community Community Centre for the delivery of the Kickstart2employment programme and supporting the ethos of FDCA of improving the life chances for the most vulnerable in our community

Glenis Harrison


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